The Municipal Court is located at 717 FM 2821 West, Ste 200, inside the Walker County Sheriff's Office and Justice Building and is presided over by Judge John R. Gaines. Haney, Pascal & Romoser, P.C. serve as City Prosecutors, representing the City of Huntsville on cases filed in the Municipal Court. Parking is available on all sides of the building and there is access for the physically handicapped. Designated handicapped parking spaces are located at the rear of the building.

Important Information

The Huntsville Municipal Court Clerk and Deputy Clerks are prohibited by law to give or provide legal advice.

  • Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions.
  • Please allow one full business day after receiving a citation before contacting the court regarding the charge(s); this allows time for the citation to be received and processed by the court.
  • A telephone call does not constitute an appearance.
  • Continuances are not granted by telephone. See the "Continuances" section or contact the court at 936-291-5476 if you wish to request a continuance.

Request Court Records

If you need to request court records, you must submit a written request.  You will need to provide the name, date of birth, and date of violation related to the records which you are requesting.  You will also need to provide your mailing address and phone number.  Your request must detail what information you are requesting.  For your convenience, you may submit the court's Records Request Form and submit it to court staff in order to request information. You may also submit a records request via email to mcourt@huntsvilletx.gov