Courtroom Standards

Failure to comply with the following standards will result in denial into or removal from the courtroom:
  • Anyone may be asked to leave the courtroom if any behavior is disturbing the proceedings
  • Avoid bringing small children to court if and when possible
  • All electronic devices are to be turned off or put on silent while in the courtroom and may not be answered or used during court procedures
  • No food, drink, gum, smoking, dipping, chewing of tobacco is allowed in the courtroom
  • No recording devices of any kind are permitted in the courtroom
  • No weapons are permitted in the Justice Building or any City buildings
  • Proper attire is required - no persons wearing swimsuits, tank tops, bare feet, shorts, hats, beach-type sandals or clothing with offensive, lewd, or racial language or pictures will be permitted in the courtroom
  • Reading newspapers in the courtroom is not allowed
  • Sit quietly in the courtroom whenever court is in session
  • When addressing the Judge, speak loud enough to be heard and do not lean on the bench