The purpose of Water Services is to provide an adequate supply of safe, affordable, and dependable drinking water to the utility customers of Huntsville in order to meet consumption, fire suppression and other community needs. The Divisions of Water Services are responsible for water production and treatment, water distribution, and meter reading. Services are provided in accordance with standards established and governed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Services Responsibilities:

  • Water Production Division - Operates seven water wells and two water production plants. This division is charged with providing potable water to the City of Huntsville. Duties include water well maintenance, motor and pump maintenance, and chemical treatment. 
  • Water Distribution - Maintains approximately 245 miles of water distribution lines in the City of Huntsville and surrounding rual areas. This division is charged with line maintenance, line construction, water taps, fire hydrant maintenance, water line locates, and water line repair. 
  • Meter Reading Division - Maintains approximately 10,587 water meters. This division is charged with meter maintenance, meter reading, and customer service.

Drinking Water Quality Report


James Ferguson
Water Superintendent

448 State Hwy 75 North
Huntsville, TX 77320

PH: 936-294-5762
Business Hours Only

For all service calls or emergencies
during business hours or after hours please call 936-294-5700.