Historic Preservation Commission

The City Council of Huntsville, Texas hereby declares that as a matter of public policy the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of landmarks or districts of historical, architectural, and cultural importance and significance are necessary to promote the economic, cultural, educational, and general welfare of the public.

It is recognized that Huntsville represents a unique community that shaped the identity of generations of citizens, collectively and individually, and produced significant historic, architectural, and cultural resources that constitutes their heritage.

This act is intended to:
  • Encourage stabilization, restoration, and improvement of such properties to protect their value
  • Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past
  • Promote economic prosperity and welfare of the community by encouraging the most appropriate use of such property within the city
  • Protect and enhance Huntsville’s attractiveness to visitors and the support and stimulus to the economy thereby provided
  • Protect and enhance the landmarks and districts which represent distinctive elements of Huntsville’s historic, architectural, and cultural heritage
The Commission shall be empowered to:
  • Make recommendations for staff and professional consultants as necessary to carry out the duties of the Commission.
  • Prepare rules and procedures as necessary to carry out the business of the Commission.
  • Conduct public hearings and provide comments on buildings, objects, sites, structures, and districts for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places to the Texas Historic Commission. Such recommendations shall be guided by the criteria established in the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.
  • Conduct surveys and maintain an inventory of significant historic, architectural, and cultural landmarks and all properties located in historic districts within the city.
  • Recommend the designation of resources as landmarks or historic districts.
  • Maintain written minutes which record all actions taken by the Commission and the reasons for taking such actions.
  • Recommend conferral of recognition upon the owners of landmarks or properties within districts by means of certificates, plaques, or markers.
  • Increase public awareness of the value of historic, cultural, and architectural preservation by developing and participating in public education programs.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council concerning the utilization of state, federal, or private funds to promote the preservation of landmarks and historic districts within the city.
  • Approve or disapprove applications for certificates of appropriateness pursuant to this act.
  • Prepare and submit reports to City Council summarizing the work completed as appropriate.
  • Prepare specific design guidelines for the review of landmarks and districts.
  • Recommend the acquisition of a landmark structure by the City where its preservation is essential to the purpose of this act and where private preservation is not feasible.
  • Propose and recommend to the City Council incentive programs for the preservation of designated landmarks or districts.
  • Accept on behalf of the City the donation of preservation easements and development rights as well as any other gift of value for the purpose of historic preservation, subject to the approval of the City Council.
  • Provide comment to the Texas Historical Commission on any federal undertakings within a historic district pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.
The Commission
The Commission shall meet at least monthly, if business is at hand. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chairman or on the written request of any 2 Commission members. All meetings shall be held in conformance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of not less than a majority of the full authorized membership.

**Language from City of Huntsville - Development Code, Chapter 17 (Historic Preservation)