Arts Commission Project Funding

 Application Procedures


Informational Packet
Budget Form


The City of Huntsville, through the Huntsville Arts Commission, offers assistance in the development of arts programs for the City. Funding for these programs is provided by the City of Huntsville, and the determination of recipients for funding is decided by the Huntsville Arts Commission with the approval of the Huntsville City Council.


Any non-profit organization is eligible for assistance. Individuals may apply for funds, but in some cases must apply under the umbrella of a tax-exempt organization. All proposals for funding which includes state or federal monies must be submitted by non-profit organizations.

All projects must have a local applicant.


Funding Period & Deadline

Proposals for an upcoming Fiscal Year  (October 1 - September 30) must be submitted digitally on official application forms to the Huntsville Arts Commission.

Special Project proposals for immediate funding may be submitted by letter to the Huntsville Arts Commission at any time during the year for possible consideration. The Commission may then request a completed application form with attachments.

Credit Line

The Huntsville Arts Commission must be listed as a sponsor on all marketing/advertising collateral of a project which receives funds. Failure to comply with this requirement may jeopardize future request submitted by an organization to the Huntsville Arts Commission.

  • "This project is supported (in part) by funding from the Huntsville Arts Commission, City of Huntsville."

Funding Process

  • Applicants are more than welcome to consult with the staff of the Huntsville Arts Commission at or 936-291-5424 prior to submitting an application. 
  • After staff review, all eligible applications are submitted to the Huntsville Arts Commission. Each application is evaluated for artistic quality, tourism impact, demand for the project, and ability to accomplish the project. 
  • After the Commission decides on the funding, notification will be given to the project applicant. A contract will be prepared for the approved projects.

Appeals Process

Applicants for financial assistance may request a place on the Arts Commission meeting agenda within 45 days to appeal recommendations made by the Commission. The applicant representative directly associated with the request may submit written comments or appear in person before the Commission. Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes. The Commission will respond within 30 days.


All financial records relating to a project will be retained by the project contractor for possible review by the City or its representatives. A final report on a standard Project Evaluation Form must be submitted to the Huntsville Arts Commission within 45 days after the completion of a project. The final report should include an itemized account of expenditures, a narrative summary of the project, a record of the number of persons benefiting from the project, and five labeled digital photographs.