Children's Department

The Children's Department of Huntsville Public Library strives to provide educational, culturally-enriching, and entertaining materials and activities for children of all ages. Please view the list of our current programs for children as well as other related information. 


Prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond!  The Huntsville Public Library is starting a new reading program called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!  This program encourages reading with children and children receive a prize for every milestone reached.  Sign-up is required and can be using the Readsquared App or by visiting  

If you previously logged your child's reading progress on our website, this data has been saved by library staff. Please do not re-log this into ReadSquared.



For more information about the Children's Department, please call Children's Coordinator at 936-291-5910.
The Huntsville Public Library strives to make the Children's Room and the Teen Area welcoming, safe places for children, teens, and their caregivers. Please review the Children's Room and Teen Area policies (PDF) for information about appropriate use of the rooms and the equipment therein.

For a variety of suggested reading lists created by the Texas Library Association for readers of all ages and levels, visit TLA's website.

Help Out

If you would like to help out the Children's Department, there is a wish list of supplies (PDF) that are always needed.

Picture Book Competition Winners

What the Cat Found by Bella Pritchett

Willy The Whale By Evelyn Dimmick

Willy the Whale by Evelyn Dimmick

What the Cat by Bella Pritchett

What the Cat Found by Bella Pritchett

The tale of The Two dogs by Isabella Gutierrez

The Tale of the Two Dogs by Isabella Gutierrez (5-8)-01

Imagination Station by Cherish Freklin

Imagination Station by Cherish Franklin

For Today by Windy Looney

For Today by Windy Looney 18 Plus-01