Description Of Our Services

The Surveying Division is responsible for:
  • Developing and maintaining the City of Huntsville's Mapping Control Network. This network is the foundation to geo-reference existing infrastructure mapping and privately planned developments.
  • Preparing legal descriptions and plats of existing or proposed parcels, parks, rights-of-way, and easements.
  • Drafting legal documents and coordinating with owners for the acquisition of easements and rights-of-way by express grant to the City.
  • Topographic surveying for engineering civil design.
  • Construction staking for construction projects.
  • As-built surveying of new and existing infrastructure for compliance with the design and inclusion into the City of Huntsville's Geographic Information System.
  • Subdivision plat review for ensuring compliance with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying minimum standards.
  • Professional land surveying services and support for all City departments.

Mapping Control Network

Last Updated: July 20, 2017