GIS Mapping

What is GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool for relating and displaying graphic spatial data with tabular data. The data is an amalgamation of spatial information such as political boundaries, transportation networks, utilities, addresses, property, etc. with attribution. This relationship between graphic and attribute allows the user to view what details are contained within a given point, line, or polygon. From this integration the user can manipulate, store, query, and analyze information using statistics, formulas, and algorithms to best view the results spatially within a mapping environment. This visualization of the data in relation to spatial objects enhances our understanding of the data in a way that would be difficult to see using only tabular data. For more information, please visit the ESRI website.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the GIS Division is to manage the City of Huntsville's Geographic Information System (GIS) to best serve our citizens, utility customers, staff, and developers so they have the data they need to make informed decisions. The GIS Division provides leadership, strategic planning, coordination, and support of GIS technology for all departments and entities within the City. The GIS Division facilitates data creation, develops new applications, integrates existing applications, and maintains critical data and processes.

Description of Our Services

  • Developing and maintaining the City's geographic information including, but not limited to, aerial imagery, topography, property, addressing, utilities, floodplain, parks, political, and planning layers.
  • As-built survey data entry for water and wastewater utilities as well as fiber-optic, drainage, street, and sidewalk infrastructure.
  • 911 address assignments for new construction and development permits
  • Property research and assistance in easement acquisition for capital improvement projects
  • Enterprise GIS database administration in support of third-party systems and databases including Cityworks, CityViewBluePrince, Incode, and MSAG.
  • Developing web map viewers, mobile apps, and tools that distribute GIS data to employees, citizens, developers, realtors, and City business partners.

The City of Huntsville, TX – Public GIS Mapping System - Click ---> Here

The City of Huntsville, TX – Public GIS Mapping System offers an enhanced user experience, widgets, and a mobile-ready interface that improves analysis and data gathering by the user. Some of the key features include: address and property search, downloadable GIS Viewer Help in PDF format, movable widgets, an add data tool that allows the user to upload SHP, CSV, KML, GPX, and GeoJSON formats, a selection tool with exporting capability, a measurement tool, map templates, bookmarking, information panel, a draw widget, a share widget, and more...