School Resource Officers

About the Program

The Huntsville Police Department made a bold move in January 2003 by entering into a contract with the Huntsville Independent School District (HISD) to provide police services for the District. The Huntsville Police Department assigned 4 officers and a Sergeant to the newly developed School Resource Officer (SRO) Section. In 2006, at the request of HISD, an additional officer was added to the program.


The SROs handle all police functions involved in the Huntsville Independent School District, but they are much more than "just" police officers. As established by the National Association of School Resource Officers, Huntsville PD SROs perform 3 different roles: law enforcement officer, educator, and counselor.

While we leave the academic counseling to the school counselors, there are many times when students want to talk to an officer about a particular situation that is bothering them. Drawing on their own experiences and training, SROs try to help students make good choices and understand the consequences that go along with their choices, whether good or bad.


The SROs have established a solid, positive image in the community and have developed excellent working relationships with the District administration both at the campus level and the central office level. The SROs have been involved in various programs such as taking students fishing and career days, teaching students about good citizenship, and explaining their jobs as police officers. Officers also can be found at times eating lunch with students at the different campuses within the district.

Traffic & Parking Lot Monitoring

In addition to responding to calls for service at all District campuses, the 5 SROs also patrol for traffic violators in the school zones during peak time, monitor bus stops for drivers who do not stop for buses loading or unloading, and patrol the loading dock during bus transfer times. SROs have taken an active role through local media outlets to remind the community about the law pertaining to stopping for school buses that are loading or unloading. The Huntsville PD was awarded a grant in August 2003 to fund the SROs in their efforts to reduce the number of underage smokers and sales of tobacco to minors. The SROs conduct controlled buy stings and tobacco compliance inspections in accordance with the grant. The SROs also assist TABC agents several times a year by conducting stings to identify local retailers that illegally sell alcohol to minors.

Huntsville Police Department School Resource Officers are not "just school police" They are full-fledged, well-trained police officers who have shown an interest in making this a better, safer community for you.


If you have any questions regarding this service, please call 936-291-5480 or email Sergeant Mike Legerski.


Officer Campus
Sergeant Mike Legerski

Senior Officer Stacey Smith

Mance Park Middle School and DAEP

Corporal Lane Hurst

Gibbs Pre-K and Huntsville Elementary

Senior Officer Zach Duer

Estella Stewart Elementary, Scott E. Johnson Elementary and Huntsville Intermediate

Senior Officer Marshall Douglas

Huntsville High School

Officer Flavio Perez

Huntsville High School