On what state website and where on that website can I find the ballot wording that is suggested or prescribed for a Type B election?
The Texas Municipal League Economic Development Handbook (2015) (Handbook”) is found at:

Below are excerpts from the Handbook that talk about ballot wording on pages 27 and 28.

“Type B Ballot: Current law does not provide any required wording for the ballot for a Type B sales tax for economic development. Before the Development Act was codified, cities would use great care to include wording that described all of the categories of projects that the city would want to have the Type B corporation to pursue. 130 Cities should be sure to have their legal counsel review any proposed ballot wording prior to its use in an election proposition.” Page 27.
A city may limit the use of the Type B tax to a specific project.136 However, as noted earlier, there is no required wording for a Type B tax ballot. Accordingly, there is no special wording that must be used to limit the use of the Type B tax to certain projects. If a city wants to limit the use of Type B tax proceeds to certain projects, it may choose to list only the types or categories of projects it desires on the ballot. Also, the Act provides certain authorization to expand the types of projects undertaken if subsequently approved by the eligible voters.137. Page 28

Further, the Texas Attorney General in Tex. Atty Gen. No. JC-400 (2001) addresses ballot wording regarding the adoption of a 4B sales and use tax. Tex. Atty Gen. No. JC-400 (2001)
The link is:

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19. On what state website and where on that website can I find the ballot wording that is suggested or prescribed for a Type B election?