What is the advantage to a business considering Huntsville over what the City already offers to others?
Section 255.003 of the Election Code prohibits the use of political subdivision (City) resources (website) to produce or distribute political advertising in connection with an election. Outlining the real or perceived advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated economic development sales tax risks violating the Election Code. Put differently, the City as an entity cannot legally offer “pros” or “cons.” The City Council has placed the item on the ballot so that the voters can decide for themselves if they would like the City to establish this method of financing Economic Development. Interested citizens are encouraged to use the resources available on the City’s website at huntsvilletx.gov/4b to complete their own review and decipher the appropriateness of the proposed Section 4B Sales Tax.

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1. Are there other ways to fund Economic Development?
2. Will approval of a Section 4B Sales Tax make my Property Taxes Increase?
3. Can a Section 4B Sales Tax be used to incentivize retail development?
4. What other ideas did the City Council consider in addition to a Section 4B Sales Tax?
5. Who decides how the money is spent?
6. How could someone apply for Section 4B Funds?
7. What restrictions does the 4B Sales Tax Board have on proposed uses of funds?
8. How many other cities have a Section 4B Sales Tax?
9. Is it proven to be effective in recruiting and/or retaining businesses in a community?
10. What happens if the community doesn’t want a Section 4B Sales Tax anymore?
11. What if the City Council and 4B Sales Tax Board cannot agree on a proposed use of funds?
12. Will the board have a general allocation of the sales tax for use?
13. Will every allocation come before the City Council?
14. If your proposed budget to the City Council had to be made today, what specifically would you recommend to make up for a $625,000 loss in revenue to the General Fund?
15. Will every question and response be posted on the internet site?
16. What is the advantage to a business considering Huntsville over what the City already offers to others?
17. It is my understanding that the Development Corporation is a fully registered corporation which operates independently of the city other than approval (See continuation of question in answer below)
18. Why has the City chosen not to provide a timely copy (written hard copy) of the published website information, one copy to be at the City Secretary Office and another at the City Library?
19. On what state website and where on that website can I find the ballot wording that is suggested or prescribed for a Type B election?