How can I avoid paying the minimum charge for my sprinkler meter when I am not using it?
Your sprinkler meter can be put on vacation for a period of time during the year when you do not need it, usually during the winter months, or it can be placed on vacation permanently if you choose not to use it at all.

There is a $20 service fee for the City Personnel to turn off and lock up the meter, but while the meter is off and locked, your account is not charged the minimum monthly charge (based on meter size). When you wish to use the meter again, just call and we will unlock and turn it back on. There is another $20 service fee for the service personnel to unlock and turn the meter back on.

Some residential customers may choose not to utilize a sprinkler meter at all. If so, the meter may be left off and locked permanently. It depends on your preference and water usage habits whether to utilize a separate sprinkler meter or not.

Due to the City's method of charging sewer based on each residential customer's winter usage (when the majority of customers are not watering outside), many residential customers find it unnecessary to have a separate meter. Customers who water year-round choose to have a separate sprinkler meter.

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