City Secretary

The Office of City Secretary provides support, assistance, and information to the City Council so that they have the decision making resources they need; preserves City documents so that the City Council, City employees, and Citizens of Huntsville have timely and convenient access to City records and may stay informed; and offers election services to voters and candidates for public involvement in local governance.

The City Secretary is one of four Charter Officers (along with the City Manager, City Attorney, and the City Judge) appointed by and directly reporting to the Mayor and City Council.

  • Administrative functions and additional duties as requested by the Mayor and City Council or as directed by the City Charter
  • City Board/Committee/Commission management and liaison
  • Custodian of all official records of the City
  • Election official, overseeing candidates and City elections
  • Holding and maintaining the City Seal
  • Maintain the history of the City
  • Member of emergency management team; ICS/NIMS certified
  • Parliamentarian, advisory role to the Council
  • Processing of alcoholic beverage license applications, in compliance with the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission
  • Public Information Officer for the City
  • Receive and secure sealed bids
  • Receive and oversee the Public Information Request process in accordance with state
  • Records Management Officer, implementing the City's records schedule, creating and filing active records, storing inactive records, imaging, purging, and preserving records