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Citizen Participation Request

  1. Citizen Participation Request Form

    Thank you for contacting the City of Huntsville to request an item be placed on an upcoming regular City Council meeting agenda, under the Citizen Participation section.  

    Please complete the fields below and contact the City Secretary's Office at 936-291-5413, or via email if you have any questions or concerns.  The request must comply with the City Council Rules of Procedures. 

    If you prefer, requests may also be submitted in person in writing, in a couple of ways:

    • By mail:
      City Secretary
      1212 Avenue M
      Huntsville, Texas, 77340
    • By email:, or
    • By fax: 936-291-5409 (Attention: City Secretary's Office)

    Any citizen who lives within the City limits of Huntsville may provide an item for the agenda of a regular meeting (1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month) by submitting a Citizen Participation Request.  The Citizen Participation Request must be received by noon on Tuesdays, the week prior to the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  Items handled through this process will be placed in the Citizen Participation portion of the agenda. The individual who submitted the items will be permitted five minutes to speak when called upon by the presiding officer.

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