Criteria for Evaluation of Arts Proposals

Merit of Project
  • Does this project meet goals and objectives of the Huntsville Arts Commission as established?
  • Is there indication of excellence in the arts project?              
  • Does the project contribute to tourism and the convention and hotel industry?
Demonstrated Need
  • Does this project provide access to the arts by special populations who might not have easy access to the arts?
  • Does this project seek to present programming not otherwise abundant in the City and surrounding area?
Capability of Applicant
  • Does the applicant demonstrate the potential to complete the project satisfactorily?
  • Does the applicant show financial support from any source other than the requested support from the City of Huntsville Arts Commission?
  • Has the applicant successfully completed other quality arts projects?
Tourism Component (For Projects Funded With Hotel/Motel Tax Revenues)
  • Does the project promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry?
  • Does the project have the potential to attract tourists to visit Huntsville and likely stay overnight?
  • Is there evidence of publicity sent to area cities?