Emancipation Park Playground

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I am excited to share that Build Week registration for the Emancipation Park build is now open! Sign up here to help bring this playground to life, and please share with your friends and neighbors as well. 

Emancipation Park Design
Landscape Structures put together two different designs from the given feedback we received. Our community now has the opportunity to look them over, provide feedback, and suggest any changes you might want.

Here are some tips for interpreting the designs:

  • Pages 1-4 shows the 3D, full-color design. These pages show the front and back views of the playground
  • Page 5 shows the overhead design.  Please pay close attention to the bird’s eye view as it may show components that are not visible in the 3D, color view.  This view also shows the playground footprint, how many users the design can accommodate, and age range (Be sure to Zoom in on this page to review all of the information)
  • Page 6 until completion shows the model information.  There each component is listed with a picture to show every component on the playground.
  • The color combination of your choice can be moved to whichever structure you decide on. So, you could choose Design 1, but put the colors from Design 2 on it, and vice versa. If we want to adjust to an all-new color combination, that is an option as well!
To cast your vote for between the two designs, please visit https://tinyurl.com/EParkVote