The City of Huntsville will hold a general election for a Mayor at-large and four Ward Council positions on November 7, 2017, per the guidelines of the Texas Election Code and the City of Huntsville Charter.  Filing for a place on the general election ballot will be conducted from July 22-August 21, 2017.

Voter ID FAQs

Register to vote through the Walker County Voter Registrar! 

- Click here for the 2017 Candidate Packet
Click here for the Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot (bilingual)
- Click here for the Notice of Drawing For Place on Ballot on 8/23/17 (bilingual)

Recent Elections By the Numbers 
- find more historical election information in the City's Election Register, links at the
     bottom of this page)

- City 2010 population - 38,548

- Registered voters/Voters voted/Percent voted
- 11/8/2016 general election - 16,230/9,442/58% (presidential election & municipal bonds also on ballot)
 - 5/7/2016 special election - 14,952/1,253/8.38% (to fill Pos. 1 at-large)
- 12/12/2015 runoff election - 14,568/1,780/12.21% (Mayoral runoff)
- 11/3/2015 general election - 14,409/2,815/19.53% (gubernatorial election also on
- 11/4/2014 - 14.890/5,071/34.06%
- 11/5/2013 - 14,472/2,495/17.24% (presidential election on ballot)

A map of all Walker County voting precincts is available at http://www.co.walker.tx.us/egov/docs/1377003789_401641.pdf

To register to vote, find upcoming election dates, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Texas Secretary of State's special voter page. For additional general information, please visit the Secretary of State's webpage.

Also informative is the League of Women Voters page.

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Para registrarse para votar, encuentre las fechas de eleccion proximas, y respuestas a preguntas hechas con frecuencia, por favor visite la pagina de votante especial del Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de Texas en www.votexas.org. Para informacion general adicional de la oficina del Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, por favor visite www.sos.state.tx.us.

Local Option Liquor Elections

The Secretary of State's website contains information regarding the process for local option liquor elections. View a list of helpful resources:
Also extremely knowledgeable is the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC). View a list of helpful resources:


Campaign Filings

- Candidates who have previously filed Treasurer Appointments or Code of Fair Campaign Practices forms may not necessarily file new ones each time they file a ballot application.

- Inclusion of a ballot application on this site does not indicate the form has been declared valid and complete and may be re-posted if corrected within the confines of the Texas Election Code.

City Election Register