Computer Lab

Lab Amenities

  • 25 Computers
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Suite
  • Printing is available, $0.15 per page - black and white only
  • Laptops are available for in-house checkout with your library card and driver's license. **Printing from laptops is not available at this time.**

Rules & Requirements

  • Patrons with library cards may use the computer for 2 hours per day.
  • A library card is required to access the computers. Exceptions are made for visitors who do not live in Walker County and do not have a Texas ID. These visitors may receive a guest pass usable up to 1 hour.
  • Patrons who bring children with them to the library must use 1 of the 2 Adult Computers in the Children's Room

Computer Programs

Programs in basic computer use and Office 2010 for adults are offered on an ongoing basis. Classes are held in the  Computer Lab and are limited to 16 students per class. Each course will also have Individual Help sessions for those who have taken the class and need extra help on the material. Classes meet on Tuesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Each computer course will run for 3 months and registration will start about a month before the first class is scheduled. Class schedules will be updated periodically.

Students who are in good standing and have already registered for classes will be given a chance to register two weeks before the public will be allowed to register.

Courses Include:

Computer Basics course includes:
  • How to use the mouse
  • How to use the keyboard
  • How to use the internet 
  • How to use web based e-mail
  • Parts of the computer
Intermediate course includes:
  • Creating and Saving files
  • Creating and Moving files into folders
  • Deleting and File Types
  • Downloading Files
  • Downloading Programs
Word 2010
  • Typing and Corrections
  • Formatting Text/ Pictures and Graphics
  • Tables and Charts/ Copy and Paste
  • Bullets and Outlines / Smart Art
PowerPoint 2010
  • Set a Theme and Title Slide
  • Add a Pre-Formatted Slide and Content Part 1
  • Add a Pre-Formatted Slide and Content Part 2
  • Adding a Blank Slide and Manual Content/ View a Slideshow and Customize Entries
  • Personal Presentations
Excel 2010
  • Data Entry/ Layout
  • Cell Formatting 
  • Formulas
  • Manipulating a Finished Table

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office course includes classes for Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Excel 2010. When you sign up for Microsoft Office, you will start with Word 2010 and work your way through Excel 2010. Students that have newer computers and Office 2013 will be given guides similar to the 2010 Guides, so students can practice class material at home.


You will be able to click on these once the registration has begun
Intermediate: 2017
PowerPoint Course: 2017 
Basic Computer Class: January 3rd-March 31st

Classes end on December 30th.

Making a New File, Data Entry, Layout 
Cell Formatting
Manipulating a Finished Table, Printing

Basic Computer Class
Registration will begin December 6th.

Internet Browsing
Web Based E-Mail

For further information, please contact Ashley Newsome at 936-291-5485, or by email.