Support Services

  1. Citizens Police Academy

    The Huntsville Police Department is inviting citizens of Huntsville to participate in their Citizens' Police Academy. The CPA is a 13-week program that will meet from 6-9PM at the Huntsville Police Department every Monday Night.

  2. Crash Reports

    For More Information on how to obtain a copy of your accident report.

  3. Engraver Program

    This program enables citizens to bring items to the Huntsville Police Department so that an officer can mark these items, which are usually expensive pieces of equipment such as stereo systems, televisions or VCRs, using a special engraving tool.

  4. Investigations

    The Criminal Investigations Section handles most major criminal investigations. The section consists of six detectives and one sergeant. The investigations section is divided into teams who handle crimes against persons and crimes against property.

  5. Narcotics Unit

    Learn a little about what the Narcotics Unit in Huntsville, Texas does to keep the community drug free.

  6. Parking Enforcement

    Find out how the Huntsville Police Department handles parking violations in the downtown area.

  7. Police Training

    Check out the rigorous training program that the skilled Officers pride themselves on.

  8. Property / Evidence

    Discover how the Huntsville Police Department receives, distributes and maintains evidence and property.

  9. Records

    Discover what the Records Section of the Police Department is responsible for and how to contact them.

  10. Safety Town

    Find out how to get your child involved with Safety Town, a child-sized town designed to provide hands-on education for children.

  11. Special Needs Registry

    Citizens of Huntsville can now register a family member with the police department by providing personal information, medical information and more, that can better help the police to identify them.